Brake Repair in Gresham, OR

Whether you just want a preventative check or are experiencing signs of brake trouble, count on the mechanics at Lomeli’s Auto for capable service. Don’t risk accidents or injuries due to the need for brake repair in Gresham, OR. When you notice signs of trouble, come to us for a brake inspection.

Are You Experiencing Problems with Your Brakes?

Brake problems show up in a number of ways. These mechanical marvels let you know when they need attention. In fact, the more trouble you experience, the sooner you need to schedule brake service. Waiting may result in warped rotors or locked or shattered brakes. We urge you to schedule an appointment at our auto shop when you recognize signs of trouble, such as these:

  • Your vehicle pulls excessively to one side.
  • Braking causes your car to screech, whine, or grind.
  • Braking makes the steering wheel and/ or gas pedal shake.
  • Your brakes are no longer responsive.

Contact us today to put an end to break troubles and ensure a safe ride. We proudly serve customers in Gresham, Oregon, and the surrounding communities.