Our Process for Auto Repairs

When your vehicle is not running like it is supposed to, you might be wondering which auto repair shop in Gresham you should take it too. Our mechanics will help you determine what is wrong with your vehicle by following the processes below. Auto Repair Shop Gresham

Run a Diagnostic Test

First, we start by running a diagnostic test on your vehicle to determine what could potentially be causing the issues with your vehicle.

Inspect the Vehicle

Once we receive the analysis from the test, we will inspect the vehicle to determine if the results were accurate. Then we can assess the damage and figure out a plan to repair your car or truck.

Order Parts

Depending on what is wrong with your vehicle, we may need to order the parts. If we are able to repair the problem without ordering any special parts, we will begin working on it right away.

Complete the Repair

Once the new parts arrive, we will complete your auto repair, so you can get back to your routine as soon as possible.

Every vehicle is different, but we don’t want our customers paying for repairs that they do not need, so we will run a diagnostic test and inspect the vehicle ourselves. Call our auto repair shop in Gresham by dialing (503) 465-3718 when your car is not running correctly.

Protect Your Vehicle with Preventative Maintenance

Your vehicle is responsible for getting you and your family to your desired destination every day. From point A to point B, you depend on your vehicle to transport yourself and your family which is why it needs to be dependable. One way to make sure your vehicle is running correctly is to stay up-to-date with preventable maintenance practices. Check out some things you can do yourself or trust our team to do for you below.Mechanic Gresham

Check Tires

You should always be aware of the condition your tires are in because you do not want to have a blowout going down the road from rotted tires. When you are checking the pressure of your tires, you should be inspecting the trends for all four tires.

Vehicle Fluids

From brake fluids to oil, there are many different types of fluids that you should be routinely checking. If you start to notice that you need to refill your brake fluid often, your car might be leaking.

When you schedule an oil change in Gresham with our team, we will take a look at all of the fluids in your vehicle to ensure everything looks like it is supposed to. If needed, we will top off any fluids that are low along with inspecting your vehicle for trouble spots. To speak with a mechanic in Gresham, please call (503) 465-3718 today.

3 Things to Check to Keep Your Engine Running Properly

Engine Maintenance Gresham Your vehicle is an investment that you need to protect by having routine maintenance done on it. Things, like checking the air pressure in all of your tires and changing the oil on time, will have a lasting effect on the longevity of your vehicle. Take a look at some tips for engine maintenance in Gresham below.


Changing the oil in your vehicle can help you increase gas mileage and improve the performance of your car. It will also help your vehicle run efficiently and without issues.

Transmission Fluid

If you do not check and replace transmission fluid regularly, it can lead to problems down the road with your transmission. It can be costly to have your transmission repaired or replaced.

Brake Fluid

As you drive from place to place, you probably do not realize how many times you use your brakes, whether you are slowing down for a red light or pulling into a parking spot. Brakes are vital when driving, so you should routinely check the brake fluid level in your vehicle.

Let our mechanics make sure your vehicle is running correctly by maintaining your engine. By keeping up with your vehicle’s engine and preventative maintenance, you will save money in the long run. Schedule engine maintenance in Gresham for your vehicle when you dial (503) 465-3718 today.

3 Reasons to Choose Us for Engine Repair in Gresham

When your vehicle starts acting up or the Check Engine light comes on, you need to find a trusted repair shop in Gresham to determine what the problem is and fix it for you. Discover a couple of reasons why you should turn to our repair shop below when you need your vehicle worked on.


Our local shop has been fixing vehicles in the community for more than 40 years. Over the years, our auto shop has worked on all types of vehicles and repaired a range of issues.

Various Services

You can trust our mechanics to work on your vehicle no matter what is wrong with the engine. Whether your vehicle is in need of an engine rebuild or an engine repair in Gresham, you can bring it to our auto shop for reliable service.

Reputation in the Community

Our friendly team has earned the trust and respect of the community, and we are honored to help our fellow neighbors when their vehicle is not working properly.

Do not wait another minute when you need an engine repair in Gresham. Schedule an appointment with our skilled mechanics by calling (503) 465-3718 today. We look forward to figuring out what is wrong with your vehicle and repairing it for you.

3 Reasons to Get an Oil Change on Time

Oil Change GreshamMaintaining your automobile can be difficult if you do not know the different parts of the engine. Fortunately, you can turn to our mechanics at Lomeli’s Auto for all of your preventative maintenance needs. To keep your vehicle running properly, you need to have the oil changed regularly. Discover three reasons below why it is crucial to change the oil often.

Increased Gas Mileage- When your vehicle is running correctly, the engine is performing at its best which means you will save money on fuel.

Enhanced Performance- Dirt and other debris can contaminate the oil that is going into your vehicle’s engine causing it to underperform. When the oil is not changed at the appropriate time, it can cause your engine to run hot and eventually overheat.

Extended Longevity of Vehicle- When your vehicle is not adequately maintained, it can cause significant problems down the road with the engine. Save money in the long run by changing the oil in your vehicle often and regularly.

These are just a couple reasons you need to keep up with oil changes. Keep your vehicle in excellent condition by giving us a call at (503) 465-3718 and schedule an oil change in Gresham today.

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Auto Repair GreshamAt Lomeli’s Auto, we want to help our customers the best we can, so we have three separate locations throughout Gresham, Oregon. Our locations include Lomeli’s Auto Repair, Lomeli’s Auto Sales, and Lomeli’s Gresham Radiator.

You can depend on our team for auto repairs including brakes, engines, and transmissions. Our team is dedicated to helping your vehicle run better for longer, so we also offer preventative maintenance including oil changes and courtesy checkups. Here are three reasons to turn to us when you need work done on your vehicle.

Quality Customer Service- We believe in treating all of our customers with respect because all of our customers are important to us.

Trained Mechanics- Our mechanics have experience working on a variety of vehicles including cars and trucks. You can trust our team of mechanics to determine what is wrong with your vehicle.

Competitive Prices- We want to make sure our customers are getting a great rate for all of our services, so our prices are competitive. Do not go to another shop and overpay for a service when you can visit our auto repair shop in Gresham.

Next time you need your vehicle worked on, you can turn to our mechanics for auto repair in Gresham. If you have questions about our prices or services, you can contact us today.